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Master Science Tokai provides extra physical science tuition for grade 10 to 12 learners. Our tutors and lessons help learners make their science education a success.

Tania & Andrew Luck have owned Master Maths Tokai since 1995, and this centre has enjoyed phenomenal success over many years.  Master Maths Tokai is a true landmark, and has become well known by the community over the years. We are passionate about helping learners achieve better results in physical science as well. Our learners are nurtured and motivated by friendly and professional tutors in a happy & calm environment. We aim no only to teach learners the thinking skills in physical science, but also how to study and prepare for tests and exams. We understand the importance of helping learners to become a true independent thinker in physical science.

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Centre Team

Andrew & Tania Luck

“We are passionate about creating an environment of learning and success in our centres!”

Carla-Ann Fernandez

Carla-Ann Fernandez

“I have always excelled academically and I am extremely success driven. I thrive on helping others to achieve their goals. A good attitude and academic record is the path to success!”

Basheer Hamit

“Master Science helped me to develop a passion for Physical Science and now I am able to help other learners to discover the same passion and to excel in the subject.”

Matthew Koekemoer

“I have always had a keen interest in physical science and working at Master Science has allowed me to connect with students and encourage them to become passionate about science too.”

Samuel Jacobs

“Master Science has allowed me to share my interest in maths and science with eager young minds. I find working here to be both beneficial and rewarding for both me and the learners.”

Our Students

Grade 12

“Master Science Tokai has a great learning environment and they have provided me with quality support. I would recommend them to anyone looking to excel at physical science.”

Grade 12

“Master Science Tokai has an excellent learning environment and enthusiastic tutors. They have helped me gain the confidence and motivation to do my best in the subject.”

Grade 12

“Master Science has taught me there is no replacement for hard work and they have always encouraged me to do my best.”

Grade 12 Mature Learner

“Master Maths and Science has helped me achieve my dream of studying further and they have done their best to always keep me motivated. I found the environment very positive and they make learning fun.”