Based on a maths tuition system that delivers results:

Master Science was developed by Master Maths, which has been providing maths tuition since 1976. Master Maths has helped two generations of South Africans with tuition and currently has 13 000+ learners at more than 140 centres country wide.


Ons is volledig tweetalig (Afrikaans en Engels):
Onderrig in jou moedertaal is van kardinale belang. Besoek gerus ons Wetenskap Klasse bladsy vir meer inligting.


Learner-specific maths tuition:
We do not teach in groups or use drill-and-practise methods. Instead, our tutors pinpoint problem areas and develop a plan of action based on learners’ individual needs. Our physical science tuition system allows tutors to spend quality time with every learner and to assess and guide his or her progress, reinforce concepts and give learners individual attention.

Interactive-education-experience_480x300Interactive science education experience:
The unique Master Science M2 computer-based teaching system sustains learner attention and makes science tuition fun. The computer interface ensures that learners take responsibility for their own learning process, which improves their ability to work independently

Complete-curriculum-delivery_480x300Complete curriculum delivery: 

Our system is aligned to the South African curriculum and is constantly updated to ensure that learners’ education is conducted with the correct material.

On-going learner review: 

The tutors constantly monitor each learners’ progress and makes the necessary adjustments to their specialised science tuition and education programme.

Personal touch:

We do everything in our ability to have close contact with learners’ schools and teachers. Master Science also does everything to keep up with any new science education developments and technologies.