Learners have to make difficult decisions in high school with regards to their subject choices. Many do not realize the importance of taking physical science if they are to continue their studies at university.

Before Grade 10 learners would probably have only covered small sections of physics and chemistry in natural science. If they decide to take physical science as one of their subjects, they will usually still be able to cope in grade 10 by simply learning all the material. But in Grade 11 it is impossible to maintain your mark by simply learning the material. Learners are suddenly expected to cover large quantities of material and have a deep understanding of the theory in order to do the calculations.

As a result many learners suddenly experience a massive drop in their marks. What makes the situation even more problematic is the fact that grade 11 is the year that learners have to apply to university. (Please visit our University Requirements page to check for which courses learners will need science.) Once a learner has fallen behind it is very difficult to get back on track, and grade 11 and 12 physical science can turn into a nightmare! A solution to this common problem is extra physics and chemistry classes.

Historically it has been very difficult to find good physics and chemistry tuition. This is why Master Science was developed to provide physics and chemistry extra classes for those learners who fall behind and those who require some assistance. Please contact us to help you find a solution for your physical science needs.  Please visit the Physical Science System page for more information on what we have to offer.