Effective Educator Involvement:

Effective-educator-Involvement_440x300Often learners will seem to understand the work if they are shown an example or when you find the solutions together. However, a problem arises when the learners are writing tests and exams. Suddenly they can’t seem to find the answers, they start to panic, loose valuable time and achieve poor reults.

The combination of the M2 lessons and tutors teach learners to think independently. The computer interface will interactively demonstrate how to attempt a certain problem or demonstrate an experiment. The learner will then attempt simplified examples of a problem on their own. If anything is not understood the tutor will guide the learner in the right direction. Through this method it becomes second nature for learners to efficiently solve problems that they are unfamiliar with. This is an essential skill to have if they decide to further their studies.

This method can only be successful if constant tutor support is available. If the computer interface is used on its own, and a learner gets stuck, they might become de-motivated and try problems that they are not ready for. The tutor prevents this from happening and ensures that the learner stays on track. The result is effective educator involvement, similar to the Goldilocks phenomena: not too much attention and not too little, but just right!

From a company with 35 years of tutoring experience:



Master Maths came into existence in 1976 and has been through many changes. Master Maths has grown from just a few centres, to more than 140 in Southern Africa, (mainly through word of mouth). In 35 years we have learnt countless truths about maths tuition, and have made continuous improvements to our system along the way. We are the South African franchise with the most experience in maths tuition, and and we have incorporated this valuable experience into our science teaching methodology.

The M2 System ensures consistent science education:


Physical Science assistance for South African learners.

Sometimes parents cannot be sure what they are paying for when they decide to seek tuition for their children. With Master Science you can be assured that learners are using a system that is being successfully implemented throughout the country. A business can only be successful if the product is consistent. Master Maths has more than 13 000 learners, which is a testament to the quality of our teaching methodology.

Learners are individuals, science education needs to be diverse:



Some learners need more tutor attention, while others will use the M2 system effectively with less tutor support. We have A learners who want to maintain their grade, and learners in desperate need of help. One thing remains consistent; all learners will need some direct human assistance at some point during their physical science education, and our tutors are always there to help.