Physical Science to motivate South African learners:


Master Science uses the same methods Master Maths has used for 36 years to motivate learners and raise their self-esteem. The key to getting them out of a science-slump is to facilitate ‘light-bulb’ moments. Once they realize that they can do science, it can bring about a miraculous change in their attitude. How does Master Science help to create this motivational switch in learners?

The key to motivating science learners:


As soon as learners begin to comprehend and apply the science theory, they will begin to get more answers correct. This can initiate a ‘snowball’ effect. The more questions they get correct, the more motivated and confident they will become. During this process the tutors’ role is very important. They give positive reinforcement and ensure that the learners only attempt problems they are ready for. As the learner becomes more accustomed to the system and their science foundation has improved, they learn to work more independently and the ‘light bulb’ moments will become more frequent.

This path to motivated and successful learners often follows a set route:

A: The M2 system helps learners understand the theory and experiments.
B: Learners apply the theory practically in different situations.
C: They succeed in tests and exams.
D: Their self-esteem increases which transfer to the rest of their lives.