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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 10 to 12 learners. Our Master Science Midstream centre provides extra physical science help using trained tutors for physical science teaching and tutoring. Wetenskap ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Master Science Midstream is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment where learners can find their footing. We strive to provide quality tuition to our students and customer satisfaction to our parents.

We have been growing in size and experience since 2013, giving us the opportunity to provide the care that every child deserves.

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Centre Team


Owner – I believe that learners must be motivated and need a relaxing and caring environment where every individual can develop and practice their skills at their own pace. With the help of our system, lots of practice, and the patient guidance of a passionate tutor, all learners can excel at maths.


Office Manager – Master Maths was able to make me feel confident while I was in school, now I have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. I have been able to learn valuable life lessons here that I can take anywhere.


Tutor – Here at Master Maths Midstream we always go the extra mile to make sure the learners truly understand the work. It is very fulfilling to see these learners progress.


Tutor – Maths is the foundation of future possibilities. Nowadays, everything around us is either based on or supported by Mathematics. Here at Master Maths Midstream we build this foundation and stand by the fact that anybody can do Maths with the right support.


Tutor – Master Maths is a place where learners can ask questions without hesitation. We strive to develop a learner’s understanding and confidence in Maths. I always loved Maths at school and being able to now help learners find the same love for Maths is amazing.