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Master Science Alberton provides extra physical science tuition for grade 10 to 12 learners. Our tutors and lessons help learners make their science education a success. Ons wetenskap ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalige.

Why is maths important? Doing maths helps the mind to reason and organize complicated situations into clear, simple, and logical steps. As students learn more maths their minds eventually learn to resolve any difficult situation. In our society, high paying jobs often demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify it to the level that everyone can understand. At Master Maths we offer individual tuition at the learners own pace. There are qualified tutors in the centre at all times to help the learners with any problems or questions. We strive to create self confident, independent thinkers. Not only do we follow the school syllabus, both GDE and IEB, but we also go back and fix any problems that have occurred in previous years because just as a house without a proper foundation will collapse, so will a learners maths career without the essential basics.

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Centre Team

Kirsten-Leigh Herbert

Center Manager & Tutor -“Working at Master Maths comes with a strong passion for education, children and making a difference. These are 3 things I enjoy and that is what drives me in doing my job. To know that children can leave our center knowing something they did not know before is enough to keep me motivated day after day. Master Maths is a place where children come to change their lives and find a new sense of confidence in their schoolwork and I am so glad I am able to contribute to changing the face of Mathematics.”

Tiisetso Hamnca

Full time tutor – “The best thing about working at master maths is that rewarding feeling you get when you can see the difference you make in a learners life across different spectrums whether it be changing their at first negative attitude towards maths and science to a more positive and confident attitude or even giving advice about subjects to take, which university to go to or what course to study. It’s amazing to know that we work in an environment where the kids trust us to help them academically as well as guiding their life choices.”

Siobhan Buchanan

Part time tutor – “Working at Master Maths is very rewarding. Knowing that I have explained a concept to a student and having them understand is an extremely fulfilling feeling. The children and my colleges make my job worth doing and I am glad I do what I do.”

Brandon Dias

Part time tutor – “Master Maths is not just a job, you enter into a family. In this job you dont just serve younger sibling, in turn they help you grow and develop professionally. Whilst employed at Master Maths, I have been given the freedom to pursue 3 degrees, grow academically and financially and make friends.”

Adlin Pillay

Part time tutor – “I love helping children and Master Maths ensures I can help make sure their future looks bright. Working at Master Maths gives me the space to make a difference and change lives!”

Adele Pillay

Part Time Tutor – “The atmosphere working at Master Maths is unlike any other. It is a comfortable environment in which we help learners bring out their full potential! It is by far one of the most rewarding jobs to have!”