Master Science is physical science extra classes for grade 10 to 12 learners. Our system covers the entire South African curriculum at more than 140 centres across Southern Africa. Master Science was developed by Master Maths who has been providing maths tuition since 1976.

Our system consists of three parts which combine to get results:

Individual Tuition:


Master Science uses its unique M2 computer-based teaching system to illustrate science principles and experiments interactively. Learners come for science extra classes at one of our 140 centres to use Master Science. The system uses voice and animated images during the science lessons to encourage learner interaction. This method is ideal for illustrating science concepts because modern learners are more visually inclined and relate effectively to computer graphics. For examples, see the Science Programme Demo page on our website. The teaching content is written by experienced science teachers, who interpret the South African curriculum into a user-friendly, interactive and easy-to-understand format.

Inspired tutors:


Learners are individuals and approach problems in different ways; it is easier to explain difficult science concepts with direct personal attention. This is why constant tutor supervision and guidance is always available at Master Science, and it remains the key to results-driven extra classes. By combining the M2 system with tutors we teach learners to find solutions independently. The computer interface first interactively demonstrates how to complete specific problems. After this, learners attempt examples independently, and if anything is unclear, the tutor guides him or her in the right direction. Through this method of extra science classes it becomes second nature for learners to solve unfamiliar problems independently. The result is effective tutor involvement: not too much or too little attention, but just right! Click here for more information on our inspired tutors.

Motivated learners:


The key to getting learners out of a science slump is to enable ‘light-bulb’ moments at our extra lessons. When they realize that they can do physical science, and effortlessly recall the concepts, it can bring about a miraculous change in their attitude. Once they see the improvement in their results they become more confident and motivated to excel. Check out the Maths for University Entrance page to see how many opportunities are available for motivated physical science learners. Click here to find out why our learners are so motivated.